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Precious and delicately perfumed it makes the complexion glow with youth. Formulated with 99% precious oils and natural ingredients.
Contains Camellia Japonica Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, which moisturise, protect, nourish and smooth the skin.

Used for centuries by Japanese women and Geishas as an elixir of youth, Camellia Japonica Oil and Rice Bran Oil are the secret recipe for soft smooth skin, shiny hair and strong nails.
Obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of the flower, CAMELLIA JAPONICA OIL has the power to delay skin aging thanks to its plentiful content of active substances, most importantly vitagen F, moisturising and protective, it can reduce and prevent the signs of time.
It is rapidly absorbed into the skin and in the Orient it is also used to strengthen nails and hair. RICE BRAN OIL, very rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, tones and encourages cell renewal.
Protective and emollient, helps prevent sun damage.
Easily absorbed by the skin and spreads, in Japan it is also used to soften hair.

Apply to the face and massage gently with the KARAJA “Scrub & Massage Sponge” to help reactivate cutaneous microcirculation and reawaken the vitality of the epidermis.
Ideal for dry skin.
Dermatologically tested.


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