Speed ​​Bronzer – self-tanner

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About Beauty Chris Farrell

Speed ​​Bronzer – self-tanner

Speed ​​Bronzer is a liquid self-tanner in spray form.

It gives the skin a natural, deep shade of brown and can be varied depending on the application, from mediterranean tan to caribbean-tan.

You can decide for yourself which tanning status you want. Speed ​​Bronzer contains three different self-tanning substances, all of which lead to a natural-looking tan. Additional care substances keep the skin supple.

Speed ​​Bronzer does not contain a sunscreen filter.

Application for Mediterranean tanning: For a Mediterranean tan , first apply your usual skin care cream to the skin, but distribute it only superficially. Now spray 1-2 doses of Speed ​​Bronzer into the palm of your hand and spread the solution over the creme remnants. Equally you work now cream and Speed ​​Bronzer into the skin. This way of working allows for easy and even application of Speed ​​Bronzer. It is particularly suitable on the face, where too intense a brown tone is often undesirable. You can use this combination both during the day and overnight. A slight shade of brown is immediately recognizable, the Mediterranean tan occurs after 3-4 hours. Important: then wash your hands well! Shake well before use.

If you want it more intense , so prefer the Caribbean version, apply Speed ​​Bronzer directly on the cleansed skin. This is done either by direct spraying or by first spraying Speed ​​Bronzer into the palm of your hand and then immediately spreading it over the skin and gently massaging it. A slight shade of brown is immediately recognizable, the intense tan occurs after 3-4 hours. You can apply your care cream normally after a contact time of approx. 30 minutes. Important: then wash your hands well! Shake well before use .

We are happy to combine both applications. For face, neck and décolleté choose the first variant, for the rest of the body the second. The tan lasts much longer than a conventional self-tanner and flattens depending on the application from the 3rd Day slowly. With regular use, the fading is delayed.



Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά:

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 2097
Περιεκτικότητα: 100 ml



Ενεργά Συστατικά*:

aqua, alcohol denat., dihydroxyacetone, mauritia flexuosa oil¹ mauritia flexuosa fruit oil², caprylyl / capryl wheat bran / straw glycosides, erythrulose, methylpropanediol, fusel wheat bran / straw glycosides, juglans regia (walnut) shell extract¹ juglans regia shell extract², glycerol, polyglyceryl-5 oleate, sodium cocoyl glutamate, caprylyl glycol, glyceryl caprylate, perfume, coumarin, benzyl benzoate, phenylpropanol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate. ¹ = CTFA ² = INCI

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